Oscar Jacob Charles Kohnstamm

19160629_Kohnstam,OJCOscar Jacob Charles Kohnstamm, known as Jacob, was the second son of Rudolph and Emily Kohnstamm. He was born on 28th February 1898 and was admitted as a boarder up Grants in Play 1911. He arrived at an uneventful time; the Head of Grants noted that “nothing of importance occurred this term. There does not seem to be much talent either for work or games in the House. But many of the younger people are promising. At least it appears that there will be no big rows this year.”

Jacob seems to have got himself into trouble on a fairly regular basis. He was tanned “for ragging and breaking a window in Hall”, and again for “being out of bed at the Half”. He managed to get his younger brother Geoffrey in trouble too — they were both punished “for being out of his place for prep.”

Jacob was a member of the Junior football team and “would make a very useful forward if he had any pace. At present he is included to wander round the ball, instead of making for the opposing goal.”

Jacob’s elder brother, Norman, was made Head of Grants, but unfortunately came down with scarlet fever in 1914 and was forced to postpone his studies while he recovered. This meant that Jacob left the school in December 1913, over a year before Norman did.

In September 1914, Jacob joined the Inns of Court OTC and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Battalion (Extra Reserve) Prince of Wales’s Regiment (North Staffordshire) on the 31st March 1915. He was attached to the Machine Gun Corps in December and was sent to the western front on the 5th February 1916. He was killed in the trenches at Carnoy on the Somme, France on the 29th June 1916.

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  1. Tim Bell says:

    I’m trying to find which Battalion Norman was serving with when he was killed. Your site suggests 3rd Battalion, which was in Cleethorpes, others say RFC, which wasn’t in the trenches and finally 18th Manchesters which had been disbanded. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      I am afraid all we know is that our Roll of Honour records him as having been in the 3rd Battalion of the Manchester Regiment.

  2. Tim Bell says:

    The 54th Company Machine Gun Corps War Diary identifies Oscar on their casualty list for 29th June 1916.

  3. I am the great niece of Norman Kohnstamm and Jack – as he was known in the family – and have written about them for the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2013/nov/09/remembrance-legacy-of-wartime-loss-family
    It is wonderful to read of these comments about Jack above – he went on to a German boarding school in Heidelberg and we have copies of his letters home which are full of accounts of his pranks. He clearly wasn’t interested in studying! But he enlisted as soon as he could – he was seventeen – and he wrote in his letters home that he was keen to get to the front. Letters of condolence to his family after his death write that he was exceptionally popular with the men under his command and very brave. I have full copies of the wartime correspondence of both Norman and Jack transcribed from the originals. Please get in touch through my website if you want more information on either. Their letters are a fascinating read.

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