Maurice Day

The Royal Berkshire Regiment in the Ypres Salient, Spring 1915
The Royal Berkshire Regiment in the Ypres Salient, Spring 1915

Maurice Day was a pupil in Ashburnham House between 1906 and 1909. Upon leaving school hewas articled to an architect, and was just out of his articles when the war began. He enlisted in the 28th Battalion of the London Regiment (Artists’ Rifles) and went out to the Western Front in the autumn of 1914 to oversee the Officer Training Corps. The Artists Rifles was an extremely popular unit for volunteers. Due to the large number that joined it was formed into three sub-battalions in 1914, and recruitment was eventually restricted by recommendation from existing members of the battalion. He was promoted to the role of Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion ofPrincess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire) Regiment in March 1915 moving to serve on the front line.

As with the two other Old Westminsters killed on 9th May, Day died in action at the Battle of Aubers Ridge, France.

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  1. Cindy Mack says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I’m contacting you with regards members of family who once attended Westminster School, as I am trying to find out more about them.

    I have found the school record of the death of Maurice Day who died on 9th May 1915, but was unsure whether you know about his other two brothers who also volunteered for active service in WW1 whom I understand also attended the school. They are Herbert Day and Harold Day.

    During WW1, Herbert also died on 10 July 1916, but Harold survived and was decorated for his service. In his civilian life he continued with his medical career both in the UK and in Egypt and to have a family – he is my Great-grandfather.

    I would welcome whatever information you may have on all three family members as young men,as I try to build an accurate picture of these three talented brothers.
    Many thanks,
    Cindy Mack

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