Harold Embleton Macfarlane

Harold Macfarlane was the elder son of Harold and Elizabeth Macfarlane. He was born in Harrow on 11th September 1898 and spent his early years at Mr Douglas Gould’s Preparatory School, The Briary, Westgate-on-Sea.

Both his father and his mother’s brother had been educated at Westminster, and Harold arrived at the school in September 1911. Like his father, the young Harold was a Home Boarder.

Whilst at the school, Harold represented his house at Cricket, Football, Fives and the OTC. Upon leaving the school in July 1916, he joined the army. He received his commission as a temporary 2nd Lieutenant with the Royal Flying Corps on 27th February 1917. He was given his “wings” in May, and went out to the front in June.

Harold was only 18 when he was killed in France while testing a new machine on 14th July 1917.

His father, who died two years later, donated a photograph of Harold to the Imperial War Museum. He also gave them a hand-written biography, in which he describes:

“An all-round sportsman possessing a cheerful and optimistic disposition, he was beloved by all with whom he came in contact. His eighteen years of life were redolent with happy memories.”

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  1. Thank you for this tribute to my great uncle, Harold Embleton Macfarlane, to mark 100 years since his death in France. I am the grandson of Harold Embleton’s younger brother, Ronald. Family legend has it that Harold Embleton’s father, keen, like his son, on all sports and a prolific writer about sports (especially cricket) died of a broken heart. I did not know about the photograph donated to the Imperial War Museum and would be interested to know whether the one shown on the website is the same. Harold Embleton is also remembered on the Scottish War Memorial in Edinburgh castle, even though he was not part of a Scottish regiment, was born in England and quite possibly never even travelled to Scotland. If any other Macfarlane should see this message and have any further information about Harold Embleton (or his father) I would be most interested in hearing from them.(bmachku@gmail.com). Thank you again for remembering him.

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