Geoffrey Hamilton Hobson

Geoffrey Hamilton Hobson was born in 1898 in Brondesbury, London.  His father was a ‘Cycles and Accessories’ manufacturer. Geoffrey joined Westminster School from Pamers School in Essex in 1911; his elder brother Eric had started in Grant’s the year before – Geoffrey was in Ashburnham.   He left in December 1913 and joined Melle College near Ghent, remaining there until the outbreak of the war.

In January 1915, aged just 17, Geoffrey enlisted in the Artists’ Rifles.  He went out to the Western Front in August 1915 and then took a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment in late 1916.  His battalion was involved in the two Battles of the Scarpe, part of the larger Battle of Arras in the first half of 1917. The second Battle of the Scarpe took place between 9th and 14th April and it is likely that Geoffrey was wounded in the early stages of this battle and moved to Etaples, near Le Touquet on the north French coast for treatment, where he died in hospital on 14th April.

First Battle of the Scarpe. Cheerful British troops boarding London omnibuses at Arras on their return from the capture of Monchy-le-Preux, 11 April 1917. Copyright: © IWM.
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2 Responses to Geoffrey Hamilton Hobson

  1. John Hamilton Hobson says:

    My brother who lives in Hong Kong found this obituary on your site.
    Geoffrey was our step uncle who we never met. Our Grandfather had 2 marriages. He had 2 sons from his first marriage and |Geoffrey was one of those sons. He then went on to have 2 sons from his second marriage, our father was the older of the two boys from this marriage. Our grandfather went to see his dying son in the hospital in Etaples and fell in love with the nurse that was looking after him. The nurse became his second wife! Incidentally our Father went on to join the Artist Rifles and was in the first wave of call up for the 2nd WW.
    We have been to see Geoffrey’s immaculately kept grave near Etaples. He was so young like thousands of other young men that went to their death in France.
    Thank you for this information about our step uncle, much appreciated,
    Best regards
    John Hamilton Hobson

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