Heroes of Anzac! whose immortal names,
Are blazoned forth in honour’s blood-red scroll.
Heroes! who sacrifices ambitions, aims,
All life holds dearest, save the undying soul.
The heights their foemen deemed unscalable,
They scaled, for nought their onset could delay.
Ravive and precipice became assailable,
For death alone that avalance could stay.
In cheerfulness of heart their lives were laid
Upon the altar of self-sacrifice ;
With dauntless breast o’erwhelmed but undismayed,
They paid the debt and recked not of the price.
One thing—a memory—they leave behind,
Which neither Turk nor German can destroy.
Anzac! the very name will call to mind,
Deeds which outrival Salamis or Troy.

R. H. M. and P. T. E.

(“The Trifler.” No. 20. February, 1916.)

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