Philip Moses Marks

Philip Moses Marks was born in the United States, the son of British-born author and art critic Montague Marks and grandson of David Marks, England’s first Reform rabbi, minister of the West London Synagogue. His mother Agnes’ family were also illustrious — his maternal aunt was the poet Emma Lazarus whose sonnet ‘The New Colossus’ is engraved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

Marks was in Ashburnham House from September 1902 to Easter 1905. We do not know much about his time at school, except that he was frequently tanned (beaten) by monitors in his House for misdemeanours. We do not know what he did between leaving school and the outbreak of war, although he did get married in 1911 to Cynthia Dow White. In 1914 he joined the 17th (Empire) Battalion Royal Fusiliers. By June 1915 he was attached to the 4th Battalion, The Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment) and went out to the Western Front. He was killed in action at Hooge in Flanders on 29th September 1915.

Hooge Crater Cemetery by Olive Mudie-Cooke, c. 1917
Hooge Crater Cemetery by Olive Mudie-Cooke, c. 1917
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  1. olivia seligman says:

    I am the great-niece of Philip Marks and was interested to read about him here.

    Philip’s older brother Julian Marks also attended Westminster, as well as one of his nephews, John Marks. His younger nephew, Henry Marks is still alive and in his 90s. Two of Philip’s great-great-nephews Otto Turton and Jocelyn Turton attended Westminster more recently. Jocelyn Turton went on the 2005 school trip to Ypres exactly ninety years to the day that Philip Marks was killed and we found Philip’s name on the Menim Gate.

    • admin says:

      It’s lovely to hear about the ongoing family connection to the school and wonderful that Jocelyn was able to see his name on the Menim Gate back in 2005. Thank you for your comment.

    • Chris Marks says:

      I am the great, great grandson of Philip Marks.

      His son, also Philip, was born in 1915 and never saw his father. He had a much more modest life than his father and worked as a sound engineer for the BBC with his sons – and my father – growing up in a working-class household.

  2. kaya marks says:

    Hi fellow marks’, I too am the great, great grandson of Philip Moses Marks and would be keen to speak to all of you. My grandad was George Marks who you’ll probably not have heard of due to him being sent to Devon during the war. I always believed he was an illegitimate child and possibly not blood related to Philip but looking at his photo is an uncanny resemblance to him and the young girl next to him is the spit of my mum. I have Philips and Cynthias wedding cert and it says December 1914. Cheers.

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