Officer Training Corps

PARADES take place this term on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. The Friday Parade is devoted to Company drill, the platoons being organized in houses. Much practice has been obtained in close order company drill by those Cadets who are leaving, and we think that they have improved a good deal. It appears that they are better in the position of Company Commander than in that of Platoon Commander, and we should like to suggest that they devote more of their attention to the perfecting of their words of command in the latter position.

The Monday and Tuesday Parades are carried out under House Commanders, the system working side by side with that of football house leagues. This is the arrangement we have had before in the Lent term, and its popularity has justified its working also in the Play term. All the same, the C.O. does not bind himself to adhere to this system always, nor even for the whole of this term.

Shooting has been in full swing on the Tufton Street miniature range, kindly lent to us on three days a week by the Royal Fusiliers. It is hoped that our time may be extended to four days a week before very long. Much as we appreciate the kindness of our neighbours in placing this range at our disposal at certain times, we look forward somewhat vaguely, but none the less anxiously, to the time when we shall have our own range. The vast amount of shooting which has to be got through at our present strength would be much more easily organized if we could have a range entirely under the control of the Corps.

A Field Day was arranged against Cranleigh for Thursday, October 28. We hoped to go down to Chilworth and carry out some manoeuvres on Blackheath—our usual battleground. We woke up to the sound of dripping rain, which had evidently been going on most of the night. It was wisely decided to cancel the arrangements, and we now have the event to look forward to. The date, as far as we know, is not refixed, but we hope to have better luck with the weather next time.

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