The Officer Training Corps

From The Elizabethan, June 1915:

THE great event of this term is Inspection. It is to take place on June 3o. The Company has consequently been sized, and the platoons are inspired rather by the idea of serving their corps than the notion of bringing honour to their House. Still, it is to be hoped that there will he no falling off in smartness our parade, but rather, on the contrary, that more life yet will be given to the drill. Let every cadet examine carefully his attitude in the portrait group recently taken, and ask himself if this attitude is habitual, and whether it will do. This is a suggestion and not a complaint from the authorities.

It is generally thought that the new webbing equipment gives us a smarter appearance, and it should be kept in clean condition if it is to create the desired impression on the Inspecting Officer. Mr. R. T. Squire (O.W.) is giving some of his time and a good deal of assistance to us this term. We are very glad to welcome him, and set a high value on his services.

During the last week of the Easter holidays, a party of senior cadets and the officers were entertained at Joyce Hall, Southfleet, by Mr. E. C. C. S. Colyer. The O.C. took the party as a tactics class each morning, and the Second-in-Command carried out a scheme of field-sketching in the afternoons. Evenings and odd moments – were devoted to the many forms of amusement Mr. Colyer was able to provide for us, and all those who were there will agree that he carried out this part of our programme very much to our satisfaction. We are sincerely grateful to him and to Mrs. Colyer for a delightful time. Perhaps it is only right to add that we managed to learn a lot too. They have kindly asked us to go again, and we look forward keenly to the opportunity.

Since our last account several of our past members have given their lives in the service of their country. We wish to place on record our deep sympathy with their relatives, and at the same time to express the pride that we feel in their valiant achievements.

Photograph from the school’s OTC camp at Farnborough in 1909
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