Albert Alexander Leslie Stephen

Albert Alexander Leslie Stephen spent five terms at Westminster before migrating to Eton. His father was Major James Young Stephen and his maternal grandfather Admiral Sir Cornwallis Ricketts so a military career was perhaps inevitable. At the age of nineteen Stephen became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Scots Guards and remained with that regiment for his military career. He served in South Africa in the Boer War and received the Distinguished Service Order,typically awarded to officers ranked majoror higher, but occasionally awarded to especially valorous junior officers.

Wounded British soldiers being loaded onto an ambulance wagon at Gheluvelt, October 1914 (IWM)
Wounded British soldiers being loaded onto an ambulance wagon at Gheluvelt, October 1914 (IWM)

In August 1914 the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guard embarked for France, joining the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the British Expeditionary Force. They took part in some of the major defensive battles of the initial few months of the war. Stephen was listed in Sir John French’s Dispatch of 8th October. On 29th October Stephen sustained wounds during the Battle of Gheluvelt and died a few days later in Ypres.


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  1. John Davenport Webb says:

    I have spent the last three years tracing the life and family tree of A.A.L.Stephen. He has a very interesting tree back to pre Norman conquest with many generals and admirals. His brother was a captain in the Grenadier Guards and was also killed in 1914. His sister married an admiral , in fact the first Australian to become an admiral in the Royal Navy. The family have many Lords – Dukes of Newcastle, Earls of Lincoln, Baron Clintons, Dukes of Grafton, Earls of Harrington. Many fought in famous battles and wars including the American War of Independence, Battle of Poitiers, Battle of Boroughbridge, Battle of Hastings. Sir William Clinton was Lord High Admiral of England in 1333. The 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th Lords of Clinton distinguished themselves in the wars of Ed.III , Hen.V ,Hen.VI. The 5th Baron was taken prisoner and held for 6 years until ransomed for 6000 marks. It goes on and on so I will stop now ,it must be getting boring !! Regards J.Webb

  2. MR R MARTIN says:

    For many years now I have been tracing all 45 men who were killed in WW1, who are
    remembered, or who lived in Great Bowden Leicestershire. an area I have lived in all my life. Sadly
    four of my family were killed in WW1, two of whom are buried in Great Bowden Cemetery.
    The family of A A L Stephen is very interesting, two sons Albert & Douglas were killed only 51 days

    Regards Ray Martin.

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